Wedding DJ Specialist

Have you ever been to weddings and thought to yourself, “What is this DJ doing”? Or, “Can this guy just play something we can dance to?”  Choosing the right DJ to help make your wedding the most memorable day of your life can be a tough decision.  Unlike a product, a DJ is a unique and specialized service.  If your belief is “every DJ is the same” and price is the most important criteria for your entertainment decision, you will be making a big mistake.  You will never realize how important your DJ entertainment is until after your event.

The unique and dependable services I provide are based on more than 25 years of wedding and party DJ entertainment experience, specialized training, workshops and dedication to delivering memorable and successful events for my clients. 

Mike Love Entertainment DJ Service in York, PA provides the following for your Wedding Reception or Party:


(1 hour) During our initial meeting we will discuss how you have already pictured your wedding day.  We will discuss your atmosphere, your important guests and family members, the mood and entertainment that you desire.

Detailed Wedding Planning Forms

This is the essential paperwork to designing your wedding reception.  Coordinating with other vendors, organizing song selections and interactive entertainment will be outlined to deliver success.

Pre-planning meeting

(1 hour) Approximately 4 weeks before your wedding, we will meet to go over your planner.  The meeting will cover all of the details of your reception.  the presentation of your formal dances, toasts, announcements and dancing will be covered during this meeting.

Document preparation and vendor notification

(1-3 hours) Everything covered in your planners will be summarized, typed up and provided to your other vendors.  Doing this allows everyone to work as a team. 


Pre-performance setup and sound check

(1-2 hours) Arriving at your venue 1-2 hours prior to your first guests arrival I will setup and sound check the audio system.  Adjustments will be made so that your guests will hear the announcements and the audio quality matches the acoustics of the room.


(4-6 hours)  The time spent planning is highlighted at this one time live performance.  Because of all the prep work, detailed panning, coordinating with other vendors and attention to details, your wedding reception will be unlike any entertainment celebration that you have ever attended